"Revealed at a quiet yet anxious pace, and imbued with subtle hints to some strange mythology, To See a Man About a Dog seems to be holding some kind of secret. The sequence drifts through a collection of spaces that feel engulfed in absence; an underlying duality strung together through shallow horizons and unsettling beauty. Often with obstructed vision, and a light that is frequently stark yet occasionally caressing, these spaces are dotted with fragmented figures, empty picture frames, and displaced intimacy. Here, a single cloud feels heavier than anything anchored in the earth, but a hand on the shoulder bears the heaviest burden.

As the pictures push forward, the secret is revealed in their uncanny ability to move beyond the boundaries of their own physicality – to move beyond interior and exterior worlds – and into a space entirely of MacCormack’s making. It is a place that leaves the viewer wondrously questioning whether it exists in the nebulous lights inside eyelids, or the blinding sunlight once eyes are opened again."

-Emme Rovins

Self-published book (2020)

116 pages w/ 55 images, perfect-bound paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"

Available in store.
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